Wedgwood Center

Project Update

Project Address: 8400 – 35th Avenue NE, Seattle

Project Number: 3039950-LU

Developer: Security Properties

Security Properties is a Seattle based firm, established in 1968. 

We are a long-term hold company, and as a result, we dedicate a lot of time to the design and attention to materials and neighborhood placemaking.

The design of the building will take on cues from the neighborhood both in history and culture so that it fits within the context of the Wedgwood community. 

Project Status

We are early in the design phase which only focuses on uses, height, scale, parking, and the right-of-way along 35th Avenue NE, 83rd and 85th Streets.

Specific design features such as building materials, colors, public seating, art, signage, landscaping, type of canopies, and many more details will not be completed until the project massing is approved by the Design Review Board.  We hope to present our massing studies to the Design Review Board this summer, 2023.

To learn more about the Design Review Process, see this page on the City’s website.  As the project moves through the design review and entitlement process, we will keep this website updated with new details and visuals.

With that said, we do focus on quality construction and have included photos from other projects as examples of our public placemaking work.